10 Steps Towards Creating An Organized Space For Overnight Guests This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost upon us and while you are busy checking off the final tasks off your holiday list you forgot one small detail. Aunt Doris called today to remind you that she will be staying overnight for the holidays? Don't worry, you can create an organized guest room in 10 easy steps.

While busy finishing up the last of your holiday to do list you are looking forward to spending a day or two relaxing before the big day. You then receive a phone call from Aunt Doris to remind you that she will be staying overnight for the holidays? Don't you remember that conversation you had with her last year? Of course you said yes, but do you have a space prepared for her or did you anxiety level just kick up another 10 notches over yet another task to be added to your holiday to do list.

Don't worry, Aunt Doris won't (or shouldn't) expect 5-diamond accommodations.

While creating a guest room is a whole different topic itself, you can easily create an organized space for Aunt Doris, or any unexpected guest to spend the night comfortably this holiday season in 10 steps.

1. Gather a few bins or sturdy boxes to quickly pack up and relocate any clutter in the area where guests will be sleeping.

2. Put yourself in your guests' shoes. Lay down on the bed or couch your guest will be sleeping on. Would you be able to sleep in this designated area comfortably? Does the room need to be cleaned? Give the room a quick vacuum and dusting. Pull out the coach bed to vacuum and freshen the mattress and don't forget to clean up those pesky cobwebs that may have showed up on the ceiling.

3. Purchase a few inexpensive luggage racks so that your guests can keep their suitcases off the floor allowing them to easily access their clothing.

4. Place an over-the-door clothes hook as well as a few hangers on the guest room door so that guests will have a place to hang their holiday outfits on.

5. Gather clean sheets, blankets, pillows and change the bedding on the spare bed or coach bed. If your guests will be staying in the living room, place these items in a nice basket.

6. Offer your guest 5-Diamond service by placing a basket in your spare bathroom or bedroom filled with a towel for each guest as well as sample size shampoos, lotions & toothpaste.

7. Place a decorative tray on the guest room bureau or the coffee table at the end of the day for your guests to place change, cell phones and jewelry.

8. Leave out a few current magazines for their reading pleasure as well as an alarm clock as if the room has a TV; make sure the remotes batteries are working.

9. Make sure you have an outlet easily accessible so that Aunt Doris will be able to charge her cell phone, GPS or any other electronics with ease.

10. Keep Aunt Doris well fed by preparing one or two freezable meals in advance such as your favorite casserole, soup or lasagna. That way you can take a homemade meal out of your freezer and re-heat for a quick wholesome meal.

Just a few simple steps sprinkled with a few personal touches will provide Aunt Doris a comfortable place to sleep after spending a long day with the family.

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