5 Clever Ways To Discover More Storage Space In Your Home

Turning Dead Space Into Prime Storage Areas

As a professional organizer, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “How can I find more storage space in my home?”  I love that question simply because I have an eye for turning “Dead Space” into prime storage goldmines. I always advise clients that by thinking outside the box, there are many creative ways that they too can turn their homes’ “Dead Spaces” into clever storage zones.

For example, in the corner of the backroom of our basement there was a section of bricks that the original owners had started to stack up while trying to build a fireplace.  It must have been built for design purposes because there was no proper ventilation to it.  For whatever reason, it was never completed and behind that half wall I saw a wide open space of “dead space” which I could convert into a storage area. So I knocked down the bricks, used them to build up a floor, placed a layer of plywood to complete it and in the end, I created a secret hidden storage unit, where all my holiday decorations are now stored.

What secret storage areas can you uncover in your home?  Here’s a list of 5 commonly overlooked places that can easily be utilized for storage.

Under the Stairs – This odd shaped section is a great place to stack and store small plastic containers, toys, seasonal items, canned food items, etc.

Above Kitchen Cabinets - If your kitchen cabinets don’t extend to the ceiling, this open region is a great stowaway for flat kitchen items that are only used only a few times a year. Such items can include holiday platters, serving trays, table clothes, etc.  You can also line this area with attractive baskets to contain and hide an array of rarely used items.

Beneath Beds and Cribs – Under the bed boxes, wicker baskets and containers are perfect to stash out-of-season clothing, extra linens and wrapping paper.  If beds are too low, invest in bed risers, which will allow you to instantly gain up to 7 inches of ample storage space. You can easily disguise this area with a decorative bed skirt. Instead of having junk occupy the floors of your room, they can now be stowed away neatly in crates under the bed and no one will ever have to know!

Closet Shelves: Closet shelves are one of the most underutilized spaces in any home. Instantly add another row of storage by lining the top shelf with crates.  Crates come in all sizes and colors and when you line them up on your shelves, not only will it keep items that you place in the crates neat and organized but, you have gained another whole shelf for storage.  Do this to every closet in your home.

Discover prime storage regions hidden under your nose and your furniture.  The open spaces found underneath and behind everyday furniture such as, entry tables, coffee tables, china cabinets, etc., can provide much needed storage for smaller items.

** Bonus Tip: Create instant storage as well as a working area by covering a folding table with a beautiful tablecloth.

A bit of creativity can go a long way towards turning your home’s “Dead Space” into creative storage solutions simply by utilizing the space you already have available to you.

What are your favorite creative ways to conceal items?



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    LOVE THIS! Our house is wonderful, but on the smaller side. As a result, I’m struggling with space. So glad I found your blog!! Thanks for posting!

  2. says

    I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my post Angela. Believe me, my house is on the smaller side and I have learned to use up every available nook and space without having it look cluttered :)

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    I love the storage space under beds. We have drawers under our bed for storage but my daughters cot just has empty space. I’ve used plastic drawers for all her toys. Great storage and stops her from climbing underneath!

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    I have to be honest and admit I leave these things to hubby :) I’m the one that has the things lying around and he has the need to keep it out of sight!

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    I am following your blog because I can certainly use help here! Thanks for sharing, Debbie!

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    Thanks for following my blog – I’m happy to hear that you find the information useful :)

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