7 Key Ingredients For An Organized Pantry

In my last post, I explained how one could easily declutter and organize a pantry in five simple steps.  After you've put in the hard work to Plan, Empty, Arrange, and Store your items back into your pantry, the fifth step, Maintain, always seems to be the hardest step to follow.

 After the time and effort you put into getting your pantry organized, you don't want it messy again, right? Simply adding a few organizing solutions to your new pantry will not only maximize the space to its fullest potential and will make it look pleasing to the eye, making it hard to not want to maintain this well used area.

 Here are seven Organizing Solutions to keep your pantry neat and organized forever.

Clear Stackable Containers:

Storing bulk items such as flour, sugar, chips, crackers, and cereals in clear stackable containers will keep foods fresher longer as well as maximize your shelf space.  You can easily see what you have on hand without rummaging through packages looking for that one item (that you may have run out of). Square or rectangular containers best utilize the space and all the corners.  Stick decorative labels on them to inventory what's inside for even more organization and convenience.

Mason Jars:

Labeled mason jars also work well for storing dry foods in your pantry.  You can see the contents, the lid is airtight, and they are reusable. Mason jars come in a variety of sizes so you can group similar items together, putting each food item in a smaller jar, and then putting all the jars together in a clear bin or basket. 

Decorative Baskets/ Small Plastic Containers / Bins:

From small baskets to baskets with covers, an assortment of decorative baskets adds a nice touch to keep your family's snacks and smaller packages neat and organized. 

Color code your families favorite snacks by placing them in different colored open plastic bins.  Be sure to place them on a designated area on a shelf where they can easily be taken out as well as placed back with ease.

Wine Rack:

Repurpose a wine rack to keep soda bottles and paper towels neat, organized, and contained.

Stacking Organizers:

 Transform single shelves into multi leveled storage solutions with stacking organizers.  These little wonders can be used to build a couple of higher levels toward the back to shelve smaller items on.  Then when you put larger items in front, the items on the back are on a 'stage' and you can easily see them peeking up over the row in front.

 Revolving turntables and Lazysusans.

Turntables and lazy susans come in different sizes, tiers, and varieties and keeps items visible at all times.  Never again will you have to search for that missing can of beans that made its way to the deepest darkest corner of your pantry or cabinet.  They also work great for keeping spices organized.

Behind The Door Organizers:

I saved the best for last.  My favorite storage solutions for your pantry is utilizing the most overlooked area of your kitchen: behind the closet door or cupboard cabinet door.  This prime area of 'real estate'  can hold a variety of organizing  arrangements, including over the door racks, mesh pouches, wire bins, and pocket holders.  These offer great storage options including being used to keep chips & snacks from being crushed.

Measure space you have available and use it for narrow items like boxes of tin foil, plastic wrap, storage bags, or narrow shelves for spices. 

Extra Tip: 

Large Canvas Bins:

Keep the bottom area of your closet organized, store larger items such as paper towels and big bags of unopened snacks in large canvas bins.

Final Thought: To easily maintain your newly organized pantry, train everyone in your home to respect “a place for everything and everything in its place” and your beautifully organized pantry will stay that way.

Bon Appétit.

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