7 Sneaky Tips To Maximize Time

Organizing Genie's 7 Ways To Manage Time EfficientlyLife is precious and we are all given the gift of 1,440 minutes a day to use how we see fit.

Unfortunately, 1,440 minutes never seems to be enough time to complete all the that we wish to accomplish throughout our busy day.  While we can’t create more time, we can learn to make time work in for us and instead of against us.

Here are seven simple ways everyone can maximize that elusive thing we call “time.”

1. Once a week, while cooking dinner, make a double portion and freeze the extra to have on a night when you are running late or simply don’t feel like cooking.  This will reduce the urge to eat out, knowing you already have a healthy dinner prepared for your family.

2. Schedule appointments for doctors, dentist and vets first thing in the morning.  If that is not possible, don’t waste time waiting in their office, call ahead to see if they are running on time or late so you can plan “your time” accordingly.

3. Enjoy a stress free morning by preparing and hanging outfits for you and your children the night before. This includes shoes, jewelry and accessories.

4. Set up a daily “launch” center near the door for backpacks, keys, sunglasses and items to be returned. A small, but tall, open cabinet works great. Each member of the family can have their own shelf to place everything they need to be ready to run out the door prepared for the next day.

5. Buy items in bulk and store away those ordinary items that we always seem to run out at the wrong time, such as toilet paper, paper towels, cat/dog food and cat litter, in a safe, reliable location for when the time is needed for their use. This tip will save you time, money and gas.

6. Group your errands into one trip and save valuable time and gas.  Have to run to the post office, pharmacy, library or bank?  Get all these errands done in one small trip by mapping out your journey from the furthest point and working your way back home.  Afraid to stop at the grocery store during this errand run?  Keep food safe and cold simply by keeping a cooler in your trunk, or just plan accordingly so that the grocery store is the last stop.

7. Carry a reading file with you at all times to catch up on work papers or articles you’ve been meaning to read while waiting at appointments or stuck in traffic.

Bonus Tip: GET ORGANIZED!!  Do you know that many individuals spend over an hour a day looking for misplaced items?  Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra hour a day to pursue your dreams and passions?

The lesson in these tips demonstrates how utilizing our time wisely can allow anyone to free up more time each and every day.

I hope you found these tips useful.  What’s your favorite way to magically create more of the elusive thing called time into your day?


  1. says

    I love cooking in “bulk” – it also helps me to eat well. And I love doing my errands all at once. Sometimes if I don’t do them in one shot, they get pushed to the next day. Awesome list and tips :)

  2. says

    Getting organized is a challenged for someone like me who is very creative but not naturally organized. But if I don’t say somewhat organized it has a not so nice impact on my creativity. So for me a little organization a day seems to work best.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. says

    All awesome tips! One of my favorites is that I like to do bulk cooking for the entire week. It makes things so much easier each day! Something else that I find really important is to turn off notifications on social media and email! It can eat up a ton of time!

  4. says

    Great tips! I’m so unorganized, and it does suck away a whole lot of time! Definitely something I’m working on :)

  5. says

    Hi Leanne, thanks for sharing the tip on turning off our notifications, esp. in social media sites. They sites really can pull us away from what we wish to accomplish every day. In fact, todayI went and unsubscribed to a bunch of sites to streamline my incoming emails.

  6. says

    Linda, if a little organization a day works good for you, then stick with it. There is no “one organizing style” fits all solution…it all depends on what feels comfortable for you and what works for you :)

  7. says

    I’m glad you found my tips to be helpful Tamala – yes, I always take a few moments to plan out any daily trips so that I can get done as much as possible in one shot.

  8. says

    Gwynne, I’m glad you found these tips useful. Please let me know if there is any area that you are having a tough time with so that I can address that in a future post :)

  9. Shirley Sorsdahl says

    As a widow, who hates cooking for 1, I try to cook a different, complete meal every week, my supper plus 4 or 5 plates to deep freeze. This means a variety of choices for the rest of the week, I do wish there were comments regarding freezing with recipes I have not tried before.

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