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"After struggling with chronic disorganization for many years, I was at the end of my rope. Despite several false starts and the best of intentions, my clutter was steadily growing worse and negatively impacting day-to-day life.

I felt frustrated, humiliated, and overwhelmed. As a single mom starting a new business, I  longed to move forward in my life, yet everywhere I turned the past was in my way..literally.

Along with the guilt came anger, anger at myself for allowing things to get this bad. I knew I needed help; I couldn’t do it alone anymore.

Before I met Debbie, I tried accepting offers of help from family and friends. While they meant well, our attempted “cleaning sessions” quickly deteriorated into lectures and draining arguments. They didn’t realize that I was internally beating myself up the most, and their disapproval and judgment only served to worsen the situation.

It quickly became clear to me that in order to truly move forward, I needed the support of a positive, professional organizer whom I could trust to support me rather than judge me.

Debbie, THE Organizing Genie, delivered all that and more. Empathetic, cheerful, and upbeat, Debbie made each cleaning session a fun and rewarding experience. Her “can-do” attitude was just the inspiration I needed.

More than a coach, Debbie was my own personal cheerleader, with contagious enthusiasm. She would roll up her shirt-sleeves and ‘‘work her magic”, which inspired me to do the same. I felt respected, not berated like before.

It was hard work, but rewarding on so many levels. Before I knew it, a room I hadn’t been able to step foot in for three years was restored to a cozy and inviting sitting room. My 11-year-old daughter returned home from school one day, saw our newly cleared and organized basement, and proclaimed that it “felt like Christmas’’!

Cleaning and clearing feels wonderful, and I am grateful to have found such a wonderful coach in Debbie. I highly recommend her services to anyone ready to bring more clarity into their lives, and finally free themselves from the “clutter curse’’.

Reclaim your power and summon the Genie today..I’m so glad I did!"  Hilary A., age 34, Massachusetts



"Debbie, thank you so much for your patience while organizing my home! Your skills as an organizer have far exceeded my expectations. I am saving time and money by putting your techniques to use. What a pleasure it is to know everything has a place, and where to easily find it when needed! I can't tell you the number of times I've went out and bought a duplicate of something simply because I misplaced it, or threw it in some random "junk drawer". In this economy, it certainly pays to be organized. I highly recommend your professional services to anyone looking to create peace, harmony & savings that are the by-products of a well organized home! Thanks again!!"  -  Jill, Burlington, CT

"Debbie's enthusiasm and vision are motivation - which is always 3/4 of any job needing to be done! Her insights and common sense turned the lights on in my head and I "saw" the changes already happening. I can hardly wait to get started making these changes."  - Susan, Woonsocket, RI  

I enjoyed your talk on steps to get organized for the holidays. I feel that becoming organized will be one of the best Christmas presents that I can give myself." - Brenda, Blackstone, MA

"Thank you for your guidance and inspiration, I am so happy to report that I have eliminated 18 boxes of paperwork!"
 - Anita, Blackstone, MA 

“Deborah is a very personable and professional person. She asked me a few questions relating to our personal belongings, and went to work. Now I can get out of my house on time in the morning. My kids and husband are not asking where things are. My closets are organized. I can manage my household better. I can even clean my house easier. My friends and family are amazed how nice my house looks now. I wish I did this long ago."  - Claire, Boston, MA

"I am so appreciative that you helped me get started on that awful basement...now I have peace of mind when I go off to work."   - Linda, Uxbridge, MA

I look forward to adding your story to my growing list of "Transformonials"