A Real Life Confession From A Professional Organizer – It’s A Wrap

Welcome to third and final installment of my blog series "Confessions from a Professional Organizer".  In my past two posts, I revealed that it has taken me two years to complete my first book An Organized World.  I also acknowledged that creating an e-book and going through the process of decluttering and organizing a home have many common elements.

I shared the many EXCUSES as well as the FEAR I encountered along the journey and how I overcame them by discovering and writing down the many WHY'S it was vital that I make good on my promise to deliver what I promised.

Even though my WHYS were very important to me, I have one more confession to make.  There was one final roadblock that I had to smash through to transform An Organized World from thought to reality.


The panel of organizational professionals featured in An Organized World have unanimously agreed that the sense of overwhelm is the number one roadblock that stands in your way between continually living in chaos and clutter or living in the organized home of your dreams.

Much like introducing organizing to a new client, I never understood the complexity of the steps involved in creating such a project. I believed I could tackle everything at once, which made me completely overwhelmed. 

While I would take a few steps forward, I would become lazy and revert back to all the excuses that stopped me from beginning in the first place.   Yes, life will toss in a few wrenches along the way that allows us to blame our circumstances as to why we couldn't keep moving forward.  During this time, I had to deal with unexpected personal, health, and financial issues while working and keeping the household running on a daily basis. In the end, I know they were just distractions that I used as an excuse not to complete An Organized World.

I found the courage to move forward again by practicing the same tactic that I preach to my clients.  To declutter and organize a home, you need to break it down into bite-sized pieces.

From the beginning steps of researching organizers around the globe to the actual completion of my book, it took about 20 different steps to create An Organized World.

Yes, I went through the same gamut of emotions that one feels as they are decluttering and organizing their home.  I almost gave up and threw in the towel numerous times.  Nevertheless, I would shake off these emotions and return to the original reason as to why this project was important to me. That gave me the determination needed to see this through to the end, no matter how long it took to do.

Here are 5 ways I overcame the sense of OVERWHELM that can help you as well.

  1. Never, ever look at the big picture.  That will instantly create a sense of panic and overwhelm.
  2. Choose one room at a time and only declutter one small area of that room before moving on t the next.
  3. Set small achievable goals by decluttering and organizing in small bite size pieces.
  4. Reward yourself for each goal you achieve.

I'm glad I got started and didn't throw in the towel.  It may have taken me 2 years to reach this point but the sense of pride, excitement and accomplishment were well worth it in the end.

So that is my journey on how An Organized World came to be.  You too are amazing, and if you just believe in yourself, then anything is possible. Find your reason why, stay true to yourself, and always keep your visions close at hand.

I hope my honest journey of self-discovery brings forth a sense of faith and the courage to make your dreams come true.

Why not get started today by joining me in my FREE 30 -Day Independence From Your Clutter Program (located in the right column).  To help you overcome the sense of overwhelm you will receive one small bite size decluttering and or organizing project to work on per day for 30 days.  These small steps will give the courage and strength needed to obtain the organized and clutter free home you desire for you and your family. 

Yes, you too can live in An Organized World. 

You just need to get started.

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