Closets Hit A Grand Slam Against Clutter

An Organized Closet

An Organized Closet

Personally, I've had enough of this long winter.  If you agree with my sentiments, I am happy to report that I have seen a few glimpses that spring is quickly approaching. A couple of robins have returned early, searching for food in our yard, and crocuses are just beginning to pop up out of the frozen ground.

Spring is a season of rebirth and change, bringing life back to those broken New Year's Resolutions.

Spring also marks another season for America's favorite pastime sport, Baseball.  If you have struck out on your New Year's resolutions to get your life organized, it's time to get back into the swing of things and clean out your closets during National Clean Out Your Closets Week which runs from March 17, 2013 - March 24, 2013.  Now is the perfect opportunity to step up to bat and hit a grand slam against the nasty pitcher called "Clutter".

Clutter is cranking up the heat this week because he's aware that there are just too many overstuffed closets in America and feels this is an easy strikeout for him and won’t need more than three pitches.

Clutter doesn't realize that you have an organizing coach cheering you on from the benches and has shared some clutter busting tips for your closet that will get you on base successfully, and eventually home safely.

Step up the plate and take a ruthless swing at Retired Numbers:

Take out and examine every piece of clothing in your closet and retire those that:

  • No Longer Fit (Both Too Big or Too Small)
  • Are Out of Style (Yes, it's safe to say that those funky disco pants and poodle skirts of the 60's can easily be retired)
  • You haven't worn in over a year.  (Be ruthless and ask yourself "When is the next time I will wear this?  Can't come up with a good answer - It's time to send it to pasture)
  • Doesn't look or feel good on you. (Do you have a few outfits that no matter how many times you try them on, you look in the mirror and hate what you see?  You immediately place it back on a hanger and place it back up in your closet).  These items are not worthy of space in your closet and should be eliminated.
  • Still have Price Tags Attached (This indicates an impulse buy and comes with it a sense of guilt of money spent foolishly)...It's time to let that guilt go.

Take another swing at Footwear: Do you ever see baseball players wearing old and ratty cleats?  Eliminate shoes that you no longer wear, have holes in them or are missing a mate.

The Final & Winning Swing is by helping those less fortunate.

In addition to donating your items to goodwill, salvation army, etc., did you know that your retired pieces can also be magically transformed to change the future of those in need?  Your local Anton's Cleaners is now accepting retired formal wear and gowns for their annual "Belle of the Ball" collection, which provides gowns to high school students who cannot afford the cost of a prom gown.

Now that's what I call a Grand Slam, everybody wins and Clutter loses!


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Debbie Tremblay is the  "Organizing Genie" a Professional Organizational Expert & Clutter consultant, writer, and speaker.  Her passion in life is to use her lifetime of acquired organizing skill sets to help those who have had enough of clutter and disorganization and are ready to transform their homes and lives into an organized and clutter free oasis.  You can learn more about her services at

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