Learn To Declutter Magazines Without Having a Temper Tantrum

Dmagazineso you find yourself caught in the allure of magazines? There are thousands available on every topic imaginable. Magazines are so easy to purchase, yet so hard to let go of, making them one of the most commonly hoarded items in our homes.

Homeowners will go to battle to defend these shiny covers. Like taking candy from a baby, I've witnessed customers transform from an adult into a child and go into a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming, all the while defending the piles they haven't touched in years.

The famous excuse, "I will read them when I have a free moment," will not work with me. You're not fooling anyone but yourself.  If you haven't taken the time to read them while hibernating in your home during the long winters months, do you really believe you'll find the time when spring arrives?  Of course not, and now is the time to put an end to that magical hold they have over you.

Here are 5 tips to tackle these piles down to a manageable size.

  • Magazines can contain a wealth of information, but only if you take the time to read them. Rip out and file away the articles that interest you and recycle the rest of the magazine.
  • If you need these magazines for research or work, pull out the relevant articles and place them in a binder by category/topic for easy retrieval.
  • Ask yourself: when was the last time I touched this magazine and or do I even enjoy this magazine anymore?  As with newspapers, magazines are filled with older beliefs and ideas that may already be obsolete.  As season change, so do our tastes and interests.  Right now - stop all subscriptions that no longer interest you, and only allow room for those that pertain to the live you live today.
  • After you finish reading your magazines, take off the subscription labels and donate them to a children’s clinic, dentist office, etc.
  • Analyze your magazine subscriptions. Do you read them in a timely manner? Stop clutter in its tracks and consider canceling some of them before it gets too late. Save money, and space in your home in one swift move.

With today’s technology, you can always find what you need instantly on the Internet. Isn’t that better then tripping over piles of yesterday’s news?

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What magazine would you have the hardest time eliminating from you home?


  1. Brenda Spandrio

    As a fellow organizer, I totally get this!

    When clients tell me they plan to read through the monster pile of magazines, I always ask, "When?" and encourage them to schedule that reading time in their planner/calendar.

    The other recommendation is to check the online version of the magazine. Does it have all the same articles and recipes? Bookmarking those sites may ease the pain of parting with the hard copy!

  2. Missy Bell

    GUILTY of keeping them all. Great idea by tearing out the ones you want to read. I think that would make me read them sooner.

    I have stopped all the subscriptions though.

    Thank you for sharing. Great post.

  3. Organizing Genie

    Thanks for sharing your tips Brenda - If you never find the time to read the online version then maybe it's time to admit that you really don't enjoy that magazine anymore :)

  4. Organizing Genie

    Missy, congratulations for taking the first step by stopping the subscriptions. As for tearing out the articles you want to read...why not do this why watching TV? Then place them in a folder and carry them around with you to read while you are waiting at a doctors office, picking up your children or a dreaded traffic jam :)

  5. Tracie B.

    I used to be part of this club. I don't subscribe to any mags anymore. And I hardly ever buy one. I'm convinced that I can find it on Pinterest now anyway.

  6. Tamala

    It's so hard for me to let go of books and magazines. I hold on magazines for the possible writing ideas that I may use at some point in my life. I never thought about tearing them out and putting them in a binder. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  7. Organizing Genie

    Glad to help Tamala - Keeping them in a tabbed binder or even a file cabinet will ensure you will be able to have quick access to them without searching through piles of magazines :)

  8. Organizing Genie

    Thanks Tracie - Congratulations for eliminating all your subscriptions :) I agree, Pinterest offers a great wealth of knowledge and inspiration for any topic we may be interested in.

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