Three Step Solution To A Clutter-Free and Organized Vehicle

Between work, errands and chauffeuring children to their many activities, our cars have become a second home.

Driving is stressful to begin with, but you can make your journeys more enjoyable and stress free by conquering your cars clutter in three easy steps.

Step 1 – The Clean Out:

  • Purge:  Grab a trash barrel and collect, gather and trash/recycle all fast food bags, cups and wrappers, empty water and soda cans, old newspapers and magazines, broken toys, etc.  That is half the battle, and should only take a few minutes depending on the accumulated build up of clutter.
  • Empty and Organize the Glove Compartment:  It’s OK to toss out old registration and insurance cards.  Gather and store pertinent and current copies of your car’s owners manual, insurance papers, registration, auto club card and an emergency contact sheet in a marked envelope.  If room allows, this is the perfect location to stash away a few maps of the local areas of interest.
  • Take Out and Store Seasonal Gear and Equipment – Don’t waste space by keeping winter shovels, ice hockey equipment and ice scrapers in your car during the summer months or the beach towels, coolers and summer toys in the winter months. Change with the seasons.

Step 2 – Solutions To Keep Automobiles Organized:

  • Car Visor Organizers: not only contain and hold DVDs, CDs and Video Games but is also a great place to keep receipts and notes, pens and a small portable notepad. Trust me, you’ll never know when you’ll randomly need that piece of paper and pen.
  • Car Cargo Truck Nets: prevents bags of groceries, sports gear and plants from tipping over. This especially comes in handy for the multi-tasker so that your items remain separated and organized as you go about your business throughout the day.
  • Driver Pockets Air Vent Organizer:  These holders clip to your air vents and can hold cell phones, mp3 players, pens, sunglasses and other small items.  What will they think of next to make our lives any more convenient and organized?

Step 3 - Maintain Your Organized Automobile:

  • Keep a small trash bag in your car at all times and encourage family members to use it. Every time you stop to fill up at the gas station, give your car a once-over and throw away any new trash that has accumulated. You can even keep this trash bag in your trunk and can simply choose to empty it out when it has become full.
  • Designate an area of your vehicle that requires your child’s responsibility in maintaining it. This will teach your children organizing habits by giving them the responsibility to replace all their items back into their container after each road trip. This can include activity books, crafts, toys or even snacks.

Our automobiles allow us the luxury to partake in many fun journeys and adventures, so let’s give it the respect it deserves by keeping it clean and clutter free.  Happy trails.

Please share how you keep your car neat and organized below.


© 2013 Debbie Tremblay

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Debbie Tremblay is the  “Organizing Genie” a Professional Organizational Expert & Clutter consultant, writer, and speaker.  Her passion in life is to use her lifetime of acquired organizing skill sets to help those who have had enough of clutter and disorganization and are ready to transform their homes and lives into an organized and clutter free oasis.  You can learn more about her services at

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